Things To Do in Berlin Germany

Berlin is the capital and largest city in Germany and there is a lot of things to do in Berlin. This city offers a fairly diverse mix of sights that you must see during your visit.

What to do and see in Berlin? Here some places to visit:

Brandenburg Gate. These former gates to Berlin from the 18th century is one of the most famous icons of the city. The top of Brandenburg Gate East crowned with a statue of a chariot drawn by four horses. representing the Goddess of Victory.

Markthalle Neun, also known as Market Hall Nine. The iconic covered market was constructed in 1891, and we reopened in 2011. Whether you want to get an original German meal, buy fresh organic vegetables, or something from the flea market or just soaking the atmosphere, visiting Markthalle Neun is a great experience.

Reichstag Building. Home to German parliament from the arson under the Nazi regime to the official reunification of Germany in 1990. The giant glass dome offering great panoramic views of the city and you can see right through the parliament.

Museum Island. Museum Island is a complex of five museums located on an actual Island in Berlin. That five museums are the Pergamonuseum, Altes Museum, Neues Museum, Bode Museum, and the Alte Nationalgalerie. The island is listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Berlin Television Tower At the height of over 1200 feet or 368 meters Berlin TV Tower is the highest building in Germany. Located in what was his Berlin the tower was created in 1969, as the symbol of the superiority of the German Democratic Republic.

Jewish Museum. The largest Jewish Museum, Europe is a place that highlights the German Jewish relationship. The Jewish Museum boasts exhibitions on personal stories from the Holocaust at issues of persecution and immigration in Germany.

Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum. Constructed in 1910, it includes over 20,000 plant species covering over 100,000 acres or 40 hectares of land.

The Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall was a 12 ft or 3.6 m high and more than 87 miles or 140 km, long physical barrier dividing East and West Berlin.

The East Side Gallery. One of the must-see places in Berlin is one of the longest open-air galleries in the world with over point eight-mile or 1.3 kilometers of preserved portion of the wall. over 100 artists took part in the creation of the art.

Checkpoint Charlie. Many East Germans used the checkpoint to escape from East Germany.

Berlin Cathedral is an impressive place to visit.

The Bellevue Palace (the residence of the president) is a great sight to see in Berlin.

Things To Do in Berlin Germany

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